KYC via Desktop

Step 1: Identity Verification

Bitget requires identity verification (KYC) to use its services. Get verified quickly!

  • After completing the registration process, this window will appear. Click โ€˜Verify Now.โ€™

  • If this window hasnโ€™t appeared, then open the main page and click the โ€˜Verify Nowโ€™ button:

Step 2: Click on โ€˜Verify.โ€™

Step 3: Country selection

  • Select your country/region of residence.

  • Select the country/region that issued your ID.

Step 4: ID Type

  • Select the ID type that you want to use for the verification.

Step 5: Verification type

Chose which type of verification suits you

  • Mobile verification

  • PC verification

NOTE: (Steps in both types of verifications are exactly the same)

Step 6: Scan your QR code

  • Use your camera/web browser to scan the QR code.

Step 7: Upload documents

  • Upload both sides of your legal document.

Step 8: Choose your region

  • Choose whether you live in the United States of America or other countries.

Step 9: Scan your face

  • Allow camera access for face scans.

  • Scan your face according to the instructions on the screen.

Step 10: Wait for the verification

  • The verification process has been completed. Your account should be verified within 1 hour.

Step 11: Return to Bitget

  • Return to your account on the Bitget website.

Congratulations, you just have finished your KYC verification.

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