How to buy $COOKIE using a credit card through P2P on MEXC?

Step 1: Access P2P Trading

Go to: “Buy Crypto” and select “P2P Trading”.

Step 2: Confirm Your Order Information Based on Your Needs

  1. Choose the P2P transaction mode.

  2. Click on the ‘Buy’ tab to see the promoted tokens you can buy.

  3. Select the one you wish to purchase from the list of available tokens.

  4. Choose your preferred P2P Merchant in the ‘Advertiser’ column, then click the Buy USDT button to start your P2P buy transaction.

Note: Check the supported payment methods for the Ads you select.

Step 3: Fill in Purchase Information

  1. Click on the Buy USDT button to open the purchase interface.

  2. Enter the amount of fiat currency you wish to spend in the [I want to pay] column.

  3. Alternatively, you can enter the quantity of USDT you want to receive in the [I will receive] column. The payment amount in fiat currency will be calculated automatically or vice versa.

  4. After entering the required information, tick the [I have read and agree to MEXC Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Service Agreement] box. You will then be redirected to the Order page.

Note: Under the [Limit] and [Available] columns, P2P Merchants list the available cryptos and the minimum and maximum transaction limits for each Ad in fiat terms. To facilitate the crypto purchase process, completing the information for your supported payment methods is highly recommended. Refer to the guide on How to Add a Payment Method for P2P Trading (Website).

Step 4: Confirm Order Details and Complete the Order

  1. On the order page, you have 15 minutes to transfer the money to the P2P Merchant's bank account.

  2. Check the order details to ensure they meet your transaction needs.

  3. Review the payment information on the order page and complete your transfer to the P2P Merchant's bank account.

  4. Use the Live Chat box to communicate with P2P Merchants in real time.

  5. Once you have transferred the funds, check the [Transfer Completed, Notify Seller] box.

Note: MEXC P2P doesn’t support automatic payment, so users must manually transfer fiat currency from their respective online banking or payment application to the P2P Merchant once the order is confirmed.

6. Click on “Confirm” to proceed with the P2P Buy order;

7. Wait for the P2P Merchant to release the USDT and complete the order.

Step 5: Buy $COOKIE token

  1. Click on the “Spot” button

  1. Find and select COOKIE in the search bar, select “Spot” and “Market,” enter the amount of USDT you want to exchange for $COOKIE, and click the buy button

3. Congratulations, you just bought $COOKIE! If you want to take a look at all the funds that you have on MEXC, including $COOKIE, click the “Wallets” button

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