👥$COOKIE Club: How to join?

$COOKIE Club is a major referral campaign and a vital part of the Cookie First Movers 60-day marathon. By inviting friends to join, you can earn 3% of their staked value while they enjoy an APY increase from 120% to 144%. This campaign not only boosts your earnings but also rewards top referrers with additional $COOKIE tokens.

Step 1: Visit the Cookie Club website.

Step 2: Click Join the $COOKIE Club.

Step 3: Click Connect your wallet.

Step 4: Choose a wallet of your choice and follow the walet instructions.

Step 5: Enter your $COOKIE ID. It may be your Twitter handle for example, but don't hesitate to be creative!

Step 6: Copy your link and share it with your friends.

Step 7: You can always go to the dashboard, copy a link or see your stats.

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