$COOKIE X Cookie3 Analytics

As part of the solution, Cookie3 has developed the Cookie3 Airdrop Shield, an AI and analytics-based tool that helps projects determine bots and Sybil attackers participating in an airdrop. Projects that utilize the Cookie3 Airdrop Shield can prevent up to 70% of their airdrop from going to bots and Sybil attackers.

When a project excludes bad actors from receiving an airdrop and distributes the ‘saved’ tokens to quality participants, the Cookie3 Airdrop Shield fee constitutes a proportion of the ‘saved’ tokens. The collected fee is then distributed to the $COOKIE stakers as airdrops.

As even the largest projects struggle with botted airdrops, Cookie3 Airdrop Shield is becoming a widely adopted solution and an industry standard. That means $COOKIE stakes will earn passive airdrops from the majority of airdrops conducted by new and established Web3 projects.

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