$COOKIE X Cookie3 Affiliate

$COOKIE collects tokens from airdrop from Cookie3 Affiliate in two ways:

1. Platform Fees: Businesses can utilize Cookie3 Affiliate to access a broad KOL base, launch referral campaigns, and reward KOLs for quality users they bring to the projects’ ecosystem in USDT, NFTs, or native tokens. Cookie3 collects platform fees from the rewards distribution and withdrawal mechanisms and drives these tokens to Cookie DAO, which then airdrops them to $COOKIE stakers.

2. KOL Rounds Token Fees: Cookie3 Affiliate is the first KOL rounds launchpad, with multiple KOL rounds and SAFTs in one place, one KYC. Web3 projects often conduct private rounds for KOLs, allowing them to get invested into a token early in exchange for the token and project promotion. As a KOL aggregator, projects launch their KOL rounds on Cookie3 Affiliate and onboard KOLs onto their rounds in-platform. Cookie3 collects fees for managing the projects' KOL rounds and passes them on to $COOKIE stakeholders in regular airdrops. The fees are collected in the projects’ tokens from the KOL rounds, meaning that for the first time, communities and users get access to tokens from the exclusive KOL rounds and their preferential terms.

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